Kitchen Cupboards with Glass Doors

Because of their unique appearances, kitchen cupboards with glass doors should be included on your lists. Besides flexibility to choose the design of the glass doors, you are also able to choose the types of glass doors.

The Design

Kitchen cupboards with glass doors come with various designs. And they’re also related with the types of the glass doors. Many people think that glass doors only fit with modern kitchen. Actually, traditional kitchen will be more amazing when using glass doors. Usually, in order to get traditional touch, you should use wood frame surrounding the glass doors. Adding details like carvings will be helpful, even though they’re only few. The colors also determine the end result, for instance whites will make the kitchen cupboards look fresh and sleek, while browns will give bold touch into the kitchen cupboards.

On the other hand, in order to blend with modern kitchen, using frameless glass doors on the kitchen cabinets will be breathtaking. This design only requires one sheet of glass for all front area of the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, if you want more style, you can install decorative hinges. If you want variations with contemporary style, you can combine glass doors with non-glass doors (plastic, stainless steel, wood). However, you need to do more research on finding the cabinet lines that have this type of glass doors.

Sliding glass doors can be one of your alternatives. Even though they have reached their popularity on 70s, but it doesn’t mean they won’t come back. The doors move using glides at the top and the bottom. Sliding doors are perfect for small kitchen because they tend to use less space when being used.

Glass doors will create openness into your kitchen. They will make your kitchen look cleaner and harmonious with nature. Moreover, glass doors also fit with small kitchen, it’s because glass can reflect the light and expand the light into all areas in the kitchen. If it’s your first time on installing glass doors, you should install two doors first before continuing the process.

The Glass’ Types

When it comes to the kitchen cupboards with glass doors, the types of the glass are highly important. They will determine the appearance of the kitchen cupboards, while at the same time also maintain the level of privacy that you want. Clear glass is glass that usually used as glass doors. It doesn’t have any texture, patterns, and decorations. It’s perfect if you want to create showcases in your kitchen cupboards. Frosted glass will allow your guests to peep your kitchen appliances, even though it’s not really clear. It gives mysterious sense into your kitchen cabinets. If you want more variations, you can use textured glass that gives uniqueness into your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets with glass doors will never be forgotten. They have different designs as well as glass types.

Ideas of Kitchen Cupboards with Glass

Glass will give certain touch into your kitchen. One of the best ways to get the positive effect from the glass is by having kitchen cupboards with glass. Glass doesn’t only fit with various styles of kitchen, it also makes small kitchen to look larger.

Utilizing the Glass

Kitchen cupboards with glass will make your kitchen different from before. First, you can put the glass as the background on the cupboard. This is surely will work if your kitchen cupboards also have glass door. The glass will reflect kitchen appliances that you keep there, so it’s important to pay attention to the aesthetic side. If you collect plates with unique patterns or wine bottles, you can place them here.

Second, glass will make transition looks magnificent. People often find difficulty when they have peninsula that becomes the border between kitchen and another room. Choosing the wrong background and doors will expand the limit that has been created by the peninsula. As the result, you can use glass as the background or the door. This will change the peninsula to be more flexible and open.

Third, you should maximize the windows in your kitchen. If people used to install stove or kitchen workspace over the window so the can see the view, this time you should try different thing. You may place the kitchen cupboards over the window, using the scenery as the background by installing glass. This will make your kitchen to be fresher. Moreover, this also can be done to maximize the natural light, so you don’t have to use kitchen lighting when the weather is nice.

Fourth, covering all kitchen cabinets’ surface with glass will be fine. Some people install glass only on certain areas of the kitchen cabinets, but why don’t you use the glass to cover all the surfaces? This will create new view in your kitchen; while at the same time also make your kitchen to look sophisticated. However, if you have active children, you may limit the use of the glass until the upper area of the kitchen cupboards only. If you install the glass in the counter, it’s possible for knees and feet to hit the glass.

Why Using Glass

Having kitchen cupboards with glass will give many benefits into your kitchen. First, glass material will allow you to exhibit your kitchen appliances collection. If you don’t have something to exhibit, just arrange the dinner plates properly already give great view in your kitchen. Second, glass is great for kitchen with small spaces. If you use glass material, it will create openness in your kitchen. Moreover, glass also reflects the natural light or kitchen lighting properly, sharing equal rays into other areas in the kitchen. Kitchen cupboards with glass will change your kitchen directly, especially if you know where to place the glass.

Organizing Kitchen Cupboards with Drawers

Kitchen cupboards with drawers should be durable and functional. The drawers usually appear to be similar with the concept of the kitchen cupboards. And the drawers also have their own designs that will help you managing the storage.

The Drawers

Kitchen cupboards with drawers can be adjusted with people’s needs, especially for the drawers. Nowadays, the drawers can be used as the storage for food in bulks. Their size is bigger than the ordinary drawers and they use particular drawer glides. The drawer glides make opening and closing activity easier. They come with materials, depending on the weight that is able to be handled by the drawers and the weight can reach up to 100 pounds while standard drawer only can handle 50 pounds. Moreover, the drawer glides also provide another feature. Some drawer glides allow you to pull out the drawer, so you’ll have easier access to the content of the drawer.

Most of the drawers are made from solid hardwood. It may consist of finger, dowel, dovetail, and many more. Meanwhile, if you want your drawers to be more durable, they should be made from plywood, particleboard, and other engineered woods. Each component is combined with each other by using glue or dowel. However, the drawers shouldn’t be made from thin engineered wood and stapled when they’re being combined with the other components. When it comes to the slides, they’re usually made from plastic or metal. But if you use the drawers to keep food in bulks, it’s better to use slides from strong materials.

The drawers also have the other features. If your old drawers keep creating loud noise when they’re being closed, now you can have the drawers that have “soft closing” feature. This feature allows smooth movement as well as shock absorption that avoids the drawers from creating loud noise.

Organizing with the Drawers

Many people still find problems even though they already use the kitchen cupboards with drawers. There are things that you can do to make your drawers more organized. First, use borders. Even though some people avoid using borders because they will limit the storage, just admit that the borders will make the drawers’ content more efficient and neat. The borders will be useful if you keep many kitchen appliances at once. Second, make sure your drawers are divided into three parts. This will make you easier on arranging plates, separating the salad plates with the dinner plates, and the others. Third, even though your drawers seem to be strong, it doesn’t mean they can handle everything. Before they’re being installed, you should ask the capacity that they can handle to the manufacturers. If you do this, your drawers will last longer. Kitchen cupboards with drawers offer efficiency as well as functionality to the kitchen. The drawers come with many features that will make your kitchen more organized.

Maximizing Kitchen Cupboards with Basket

Sometimes basic cupboards and drawers are not enough. There are still many kitchen appliances that you need to keep. In some cases, people also want to keep their cleaning tools in the kitchen due to the efficiency. The question about where all of them should be kept without having to purchase another cupboard can be answered by kitchen cupboards with basket.

Why Cupboard with Basket

Basically, kitchen cupboards with basket use wire as the main material for the basket. But there are also kitchen cupboards that use plastic, wood, stainless steel, or rattan (box). Wire is widely chosen because it’s flexible to be shaped. The basket made from wire consists of various sizes, shapes, and contents. There are rectangular, square, or even half round wire basket. You may have basic wire basket on one spot, but you also can have wire basket with three shelves on another spot. People often seek for the combination, so they adjust the wire basket based on their needs. Moreover, the wire basket can be purposely made for keeping vegetables, plates, glasses, or even all purposes. As the result, you can keep almost every kitchen appliances and small cleaning tools in this cupboard. The wire basket is considered to be durable and it’s also already covered with PVC so it won’t be damaged easily. Just make sure you choose the wire that is made from metal instead of plastic. Some of the kitchen cupboards allow you to remove the basket easily, especially for the sliding basket. This will make you easy to clean it up, preventing the waters stains to stay on the wire that could damage the wire slowly.

Placing the Basket

Using kitchen cupboards with basket makes you to be more creative. It’s because the basket is not only placed inside the cupboard. Many people try new ways on maximizing their kitchen cupboard, especially if their kitchen space is limited. Even if you already have shelves inside the cupboard, you can install the wire basket on the upper area of one of the shelves. Even though the space is small, you can keep many things here, such as seasonings, instant food, and many more. Besides inside the cupboard, the basket also can be installed on the cupboard’s door. This basket can be useful as the place for seasonings, snacks, glass coverage, and many more. You also can install the wire basket on the corner of the kitchen cupboard, making the space more efficient to keep frying pan, bowls, and other cooking appliances. Using kitchen cupboards with basket makes you even more creative on finding the storage for your kitchen appliances.

Using Kitchen Cupboards with Sliding Doors or Not

Kitchen cupboards with sliding doors are great for your kitchen. Based on the appearance, this type of cupboard gives the sleek touch into your kitchen. If you’re bored with kitchen cupboards with hinged doors, perhaps you should install the sliding doors.

The Benefits

Kitchen cupboards with sliding doors have many benefits. First, they’re efficient enough for small kitchen. When using kitchen cupboards with hinged doors, the doors will take some space when they’re being opened. But if you choose cupboards with sliding doors, all you can do is just move the covers. Moreover, you can leave half of the doors opened, exhibiting your kitchen appliances or cooking tools. It gives the sense of openness and wide into your kitchen. This type of cupboard fits with the corner or near with the sink and other appliances.Second, this type of cupboard fits with almost all kitchen style. If your kitchen style is modern, cupboards with sliding doors will look minimalist and practical. Meanwhile, if your kitchen style is more to traditional, the cupboards with sliding doors will support it through their various designs. Third, safety also becomes the reason for people to choose the cupboards with sliding doors. The doors won’t hurt people if they come near with the cupboard suddenly. On the other hand, for the case of the cupboards with hinged doors, they would hurt people’s head. It’s important to avoid the mistake by installing slide doors into your kitchen cupboards.

People usually use glass as the material for the sliding doors. Glass material is great because it allows you to see the content of the cupboards well. If you don’t really like the glass, you may set the clarity level of the glass, so it’s still visible yet not really clear. Moreover, sliding doors also can be made from wood, painted similarly or differently with the cupboards.

The Disadvantages

Using the kitchen cupboards with sliding doors also has disadvantages. Sliding doors will limit your sight into the content of the kitchen cupboards. When half of the doors are opened, the other half will cover the cupboard completely. It may cause difficulty for you when you want to find certain things inside the cupboard immediately.

Children should be aware when they’re using sliding doors. They tend to get hurt when they push the sliding doors hard, so it could damage both the doors and the track. It also will be dangerous if the sliding doors are made from glass. Before using kitchen cupboards with sliding doors, there are benefits and disadvantages that you need to know.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas with Grey Cabinets in Modern Style

Kitchen backsplash ideas with grey cabinets can be used if you like modern style. As you may have known, modern style means minimalism. The less is the better. That is why, if you choose to have this kind of kitchen, make sure that you avoid using many contrast in color and pattern. Grey is the great neutral color, and you are supposed to stick with it when designing your modern kitchen. Let your gray cabinet be the center of the attention in the kitchen. You can start designing from the cabinet. Grey with the accent of black and white is the great choice.

The Tiles and Countertop

It is important to choose the tiles that have the same neutral color with your backsplash. Gray glass backsplash tile that comes in the size 3×6 is perfect. Besides, you should also choose the granite countertop that can give the shiny and glamour look. The granite should also come in gray. This will enhance the chic and stylish look in your kitchen. Most people wonder why they should pick grey subway backsplash while there are many other materials that can catch their eyes right away. Keep in mind that this kind of backsplash will enhance the light in your room.

The backsplash will reflect the light. That is why you do not have to put too much lighting in your kitchen. Your kitchen backsplash ideas with grey cabinets will create the pallid look. Getting the ideas with this shiny modern kitchen that comes with grey backsplash actually not that hard. You should know that this grey color can blend and mix well with almost everything. You just have to use stainless steel appliances in the room that can be matched with the grey cabinets. Every single thing in your ultra modern kitchen will shine.

The Advantages for Small Kitchen

This modern style is perfect for small kitchen. First, it is because in minimalist look, you have to minimize the furniture and cabinetry. Choose one large storage that has drawers and shelves built-in that can keep all your utensils and appliances organized. It is not recommended for you to have more than one big cabinet in the minimalist room. Next, neutral color with shiny surface that can reflect light can also make the room appear bigger than it is. It is the most reason why people with small space area should consider getting kitchen backsplash ideas with grey cabinets.

Finding Your Style in Kitchen Backsplash Ideas with Maple Cabinets

Kitchen backsplash ideas with maple cabinets surely can enhance the look of your space. No matter if you want to remodel your kitchen or even plan it for the first time; before you come with the furnishing, it is better if you choose the style first. Actually, backsplash with maple cabinets can be mixed with most styles. However, not all of them can give you the right look. Keep in mind that the neutral color cabinets will let you have fun with your creativity since it can be matched with any color. Here are the styles that you may want to apply for your kitchen.

Contemporary and Classic Style

Kitchen backsplashes ideas with maple cabinets that come with contemporary style usually includes stack of stones. To get the stack of stones, you can cut the stone slabs into pieces and arrange the slices into stacked that should be put one top to another. The surface should be set flush or staggered to add the dimension. Pencil glass can also be good, but the slices are too narrow. To get the dramatic look, you should create the most contrast with the neutral color of your countertop. Choose the simple ceramic for tiles the same basic tone with your countertop.

 If you choose to have classic look in kitchen backsplash ideas with maple cabinets, you can choose the neutral color for the subway tiles. The color should be the same with the cabinet. You should also add the ornate cabinet as the center of the room. When it comes to subway tiles, it can be rectangular or square. Its plain colored tone should be in a straight grid set to get the classic look. For modern-classic, you can do a stagger-set, while for traditional classic, you should choose backsplash cut in 6” in the same granite with the countertop.

Modern Style

Modern look means you should have minimalist style. Keep in mind that in minimalist look, you should never choose high contrast with your cabinet. However, to attract the attention, you can pick the clear glass tile that is sealed-paint in the surface. Or, it is also better if you choose backsplash from stainless steel that was custom-made. It can be the extension from your countertop to the area below the cabinet, and sometimes go up on the wall to the ceiling. When choosing tiles, it is recommended if you consult with the professional to get the perfect kitchen backsplash ideas with maple cabinets.

Customize your Outdoor Kitchen with Big Green Egg

Outdoor kitchen with big green egg has become popular these days. What is that big green egg actually? It is more like a cabinet that can be used for anything. You can keep your wine cold, you can use as the storage, or you can even have a barbeque party with it. There are many types of big green egg, depends on the function you want. The thing is, you have to decide what would you do with your green egg and where do you want to put it. Some people prefer to put it as the centerpiece of the kitchen that can draw the most attention, while the other prefers to use it as an accent to their outdoor kitchens.

Patio and Green Kitchen

There are some ideas that you can use about designing your outdoor kitchen. First, kitchen as the patio may be great. It usually includes two big green eggs that can be functioned as a grill. These two big green eggs should also be combined with rough steel countertops and cabinets. This is the perfect idea for summer kitchen. Next, if you want your green egg to be the accent and accessory of your outdoor kitchen, you can have a backyard kitchen with greenery. Make sure that you plant some trees in your kitchen. The green egg can be used to accentuate your green kitchen to make you look go-green.

Tropical and Pavilion Kitchen

Tropical landscape for outdoor kitchen with big green egg can also be the next idea. Put the green egg under the porch, so the smoke from it will be covered well. However, make sure that you have enough room to open the egg. When it comes for the style itself, you can try the wooden and rustic style. Next, you can set the egg as the barbecue set. Create the outdoor kitchen in a pavilion. After that, you can use the combination of green egg and gas grill. Put the combination inside the bricked cabinets for the country style.

 The great thing about big egg is, you can customize it. You can decide the shape, size, and even the color. It does not have to be green. Before you customize the egg, make sure that you have even decided the style and plan for your kitchen, which theme that you would use and which area that you will set for an outdoor kitchen with big green egg.

Outdoor Kitchen with Smoker for Your House

Nowadays, people are more like to eating and cooking meals outdoor. They said it because the situation, the view and the fresh air outside the house which they can feel make the food tastier. Their backyard have become their second kitchen, dining room, and living room as in their house. It is because having new atmosphere for cooking and eating can make people live happier and also can make them fresh and relax. So they decide to build an outdoor kitchen for their house.

Why Do People Like Outdoor Kitchen?

People start to build some kind of outdoor kitchen for their house such as outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, outdoor kitchen with sink, and outdoor kitchen with smoker. Commonly people use their outdoor kitchen for having barbecue or bake some pizzas. However, you also can cook other food while chatting and discussing something or even playing with your dog. Those relaxing moment will be important to make some happy moments for your family and you. And you can also invite some friends or hold a simple party or ceremony that will be perfect to be hold in outdoor kitchen. So your outdoor kitchen will be useful for many moments as you need.

 Those reasons make many companies who offer they service to help you make your own outdoor kitchen, or offer you many kinds of stuffs and components that you need for having an outdoor kitchen. They will try to build your outdoor kitchen just like they build parts for indoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen with Smoker

There are so many people who want to have their own outdoor kitchen especially outdoor kitchen with smoker. When you want to buy some stuffs for your outdoor kitchen, you might want an oven that provides the main requirements for a good smoker. It is because it will retain heat well, plus the damper and the vent in the insulated door will allow you to control airflow when you are cooking.

However, you still have to be careful when you want to choose this stuff for your outdoor kitchen. Because there are many companies who make oven smoker with bad quality that make you to change it with the new one after just a few month or years.

Having a good outdoor kitchen with smoker will be a great choice for you and your family, yet you still have to choose it carefully. So you can relax and enjoy while you are cooking and eating together in your outdoor kitchen.

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen with Sink

For people who love entertainment or just love to make barbeque, make a plan to build an outdoor kitchen is one of the great solutions to add to your home. Both, you can show your cooking skill to your family or your friends, and you can also have some fresh and tasty foods like barbeque on a fresh air outside the house. And if you really want to have this kind of kitchen, you might want to build an outdoor kitchen with sink.

 Why Is It Necessary to Have an Outdoor Kitchen with Sink?

Outdoor Kitchen with sink is certainly become one of the popular items in home building among people in the last few years. They surely want to have one of it on their house. Commonly, outdoor kitchen is indeed useful for every moment. It can be used for informal moment, such as when you want to have a barbeque with your family or your friend. However, I also can be used when you want to have a simple party or ceremony in your house.

 Every people know that kitchen cannot be separated with a sink. When you want to cook something, first you will have to wash the vegetables, meat or the cooking tool that will be used by you. You also have to wash your hand before and after cooking something. So, having an outdoor kitchen together with sink is just perfect for your cooking time.

 Where Should You Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Sink?

First thing you should consider before you build an outdoor kitchen is about the location. You have to decide where do you want to build it? Commonly, people will build an outdoor kitchen in close proximity to the indoor kitchen. This location will be ideal because when you want to cook some food, first you will have to prepare the ingredients and also use some cooking tool. So if you build your outdoor kitchen near the indoor kitchen, you can bring everything you need for cooking easily to the outdoor kitchen.

 When you need another things that placed in your indoor kitchen, you can bring iteasily to your outdoor kitchen and no need to spent much time and energy. And with having an outdoor kitchen with sink for your home will help you when you need to wash something to cook, so it just perfect for you to have it for your home.